The Healing X


NET– "For several years I have gone to a massage therapist for muscle spasms in my neck & shoulders.  There have always been 2 or more areas she could feel were the problem spots.  I went to the massage therapist on a Thur., she recommended I come back in a week because the muscles wouldn’t release.  Andrea did NET on me Sunday.  A week later when I returned to the therapist she worked for half the session and asked if there was an area I was concerned about because the muscles were more relaxed than they had been in years.  I highly recommend NET for anyone that wants to let go of their stuck emotions & physical stress."

Cathy P., Crest Hill
, IL

NET– "I did with Andrea helped me to manage the anxiety I experienced when I was teaching a course at the university level this past fall. What is so amazing about NET is that I could be having physical symptoms when I walk into the therapy room, and when we explore and resolved the issues, the physical symptoms significantly decrease or even disappear. Working with Andrea was so helpful. She listens to your concerns, and follows the appropriate protocol that allows healing to occur. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fine practitioner."

Mary, IL

LIGHT THERAPY– "After a few x-rays and an MRI for the shoulder pain I was experiencing for 4 years after surgery, it appeared to be nothing showing up. It felt terrible. Andrea did the Light on it and the pain dissipated after a few sessions. Thanks so much."

Tom K., Colorado

AQUA CHI– "I had changed my diet because I had sinus infections all the time. Andrea recommended detoxing through the feet was a healthy way to release toxins. Each time I went I gained more energy. I have not had any more infections after clearing the toxins from my body and making better food choices. I feel great!"

David, Elgin, IL

REFLEXOLOGY– "My reflexology experience began before I was born. Andrea would work on my mom and I would respond with visible movement. Andrea has continued to work on me for the past 16 years. As I became more involved in sports Andrea has "rescued" me from many imminent injuries through the reflexology sessions. Now I know if I don't feel "right" call Andrea."

J.P., Joliet, IL